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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about


We have over 1000 get to know you questions.

What traditional gender roles do you disagree with?

What was the first professional sporting event you went to?

What movie scares you?

What makes you feel old?

What holiday has lost its true meaning?

Who taught you to swim?

What was the last thing you donated to a thrift store?

What did you have for Sunday dinner growing up?

What is something you have always wanted to try?

If you had to move what city would you like to live in?

If you could hire out one household chore what would it be?

Who taught you to ride a bike?

Is there a sport you love to play but hate to watch?

What was your favorite bed time story as a child?

Who do you admire as a leader?

What would you like to know more about?

What music are you embarrassed that you like listening to?

What place would you like to visit?

When have you seen Karma at work in your life?

Who was your first love?

What food have you eaten too much of in your life?

What is the last thing in your life that went according to plan?

What food did you used to like but now hate?

What phrase or idiom do you think is makes no sense?


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These questions are ideal for speed dating, first dates, second dates, third dates. It is also useful for parties, team building, corporate events. You may want to use this to spur thought when filling out your profile on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, e Harmony, match and so forth. It is ideal  for any situation where you may need a conversation starter of fear awkward silences in conversation.

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