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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about


We have over 1000 get to know you questions.

How do you prefer to be awakened up in the morning?

What high brow cultural activity do you like to participate in?

What "red-neck" activity do you like to do?

What was the last thing you wasted you money on?

If you had a 60 second Super Bowl advertisement what would you want to show a billion people?

What is your favorite lie that you have ever told?

How can you tell when someone is lying to you?

Which one of your friend lives the closest to you?

What is the thing you like best about your work?

What do you do when you cannot sleep?

What are you always late for?

If you where a police officer for one day what would you do with the authority?

What hobby or activity that you not do now but think you might like when you retire?

Who do you talk to on the phone most often?

What goes through your mind when your boss asks to talk to you privately?

When do you have problems accepting criticism?

What investment opportunity do you feel sorry you missed out on?

What technology do you wish you understood better?

What would you like more control over in your life?

When have you experienced unrequited love?

Who was the last person who had a crush on you?

What in life do you "just know"?

What was something that really hurt to let go?

What was your toughest accomplishment?


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The art of faking interest. Whether it is a business meeting, a job interview, or a first date, there are times that it is vitally important to be perceived as paying attention. The secret to be seen as interested is to be interested. The best case is to both feel and show genuine interest, If you are feeling it you will not have to worry about what you are presenting.  The best way to have real interest in what some one is saying is to gently steer the conversation. A few will placed questions center on the other persons feelings, perspective and experience can steer a conversation to topics that are of actual importance and relevance to you.

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Check It Out: Simple lessons for business small talk. 50 questions to get the conversation going.


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