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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about

Cancer June 21 through July 22

(Daily Horoscope for Cancer)

Feel free to turn up the dial when it comes to sparkle and charm today. Wear something snazzy and show off your best assets. Instead of holing up by yourself for lunch, head out with some co-workers or meet a friend at a trendy restaurant. If you see someone that catches your eye, make the first move.

Cancer Personality- Cancer is mysterious and filled with contradictions. They want security and comfort yet seek new adventure. They are very helpful to others yet sometimes can be cranky and indifferent. Cancer has a driving, forceful personality that can be easily hidden beneath a calm, and cool exterior. Cancer is deeply sensitive and easily hurt, this might be why they have their defense shell in place, to avoids being hurt by others.

25 get to know you questions designed to start a conversation with a Cancer

Who is the most dependable person in your life?

If you could ask God a question what would it be?

If you where offer the job of president would you take it?

Who do you love enough to cook or bake for?

What would be the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

What do you have an irrational fear of?

What was the first book that made you cry?

What was the last thing you donated to a thrift store?

What TV show are you embarrassed about watching?

If you talked in your sleep what secrets are you afraid you might reveal?

Who taught you to ride a bike?

What is the ideal comfort food?

If you are feeling sad, what food or meal would cheer you up?

Who do you think you are most like in your family?

What story from sports inspires you?

What would you want your last words to be?

What was the worst punishment your parents ever enacted?

What is the saddest movie?

What do you have that is of great value to you but of no value to anyone else?

What was the last national park you visited?

What did you have for Sunday dinner growing up?

What habit would you like to be able to break?

Who is a woman from history that you respect?

What is the prettiest place you have ever been?

What was your first pet?

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?

Cancer Strengths


Cancer Weaknesses


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Courage is not having the strength to go on. It is going on when you do not have strength. - Napolean Bonaparte