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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about

Writing a Personal History or Family History

A guide to conduction a personal history interview

Knowing where you came from and what your family’s story is an invaluable treasure. If you make a point of recording and writing down you family story it is something that can be cherished for generations. We have over 200 questions broken down into eight categories. Some of these question will appear in multiple categories. These questions also make excellent guide to conduct a interview with a parent, grandparent or anyone else.

General Information
Growing Up
Dating and Marriage
Work and Finances

These questions are not designed to be a check list they are designed as a starting point for a conversation. Please ask and answer what ever follow up questions come to mind. Remember that some questions may be awkward to ask or answer but if you do not get that information it may be lost forever.


Asking the right questions is more important than knowing the answer.                    home


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