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Newest Would You Rather Questions

(would you rather) Classic dilemmas where you have to chose between two alternatives. All thought there is value in the answer to each of the questions the greater value is in why a given option was chosen.

Newest Would You Rather Questions


Would you rather have your jaw wired shut for one month or eat a whole pizza in front of a starving child?

Would you rather lose 5 current friends or have one new enemy?

Would you rather be wrong or undecided?

Would you rather do without toilet paper or tooth paste?

If you could only have one would you rather have clean socks or clean underwear?

Would you rather be humiliated by your best friend or go three months without talking to any of your friends?

Would you rather speak in front of 100 of your peers or go bungee jumping?

Would you rather have nine children or never be able to have any children of your own?

Would you rather have a best friend who knows everything about you and cannot not keep a secret or be unable to keep a secret yourself?

Would you rather survive the apocalypse or be instantly and painlessly killed by it?

Would you rather receive $1,000,000 as a sure thing or have a 50/50 chance at $1,000,000,000?

Would you rather publicly embarrass your mother or be the reason why your best friend breaks up with their girlfriend/boyfriend?

Would you rather have low self-esteem or high blood pressure?

Would you rather have to load or empty the dishwasher?

Would you rather have to listen to someone else complain or have no one who will listen to you complain?

Would you rather get a speeding ticket or two flat tires?

Would you rather have more than 5 friends or fewer than 5 friends?

Would you rather have your own action figure or a wildly popular YouTube video?

Would you rather go to the Super Bowl or attend your child''s high school graduation?

Would you rather spend three day camping in a beautiful location and not see another person or spend three days in a busy city sharing a hotel suite with your brother/sister?

Would you rather be ''just friends'' with someone you love or marry an attractive person who does not love you?

Would you rather spend one year in full Downton Abbey costume or spend the next 45 days living in Kiev, Ukraine?

Would you rather find a parking space and discover that the parking meter has plenty of time left on it or have someone genuinely laugh at one of your jokes?

Would you rather lose your sense of taste and smell or lose your ability to distinguish colors?

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