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What you talk about when there is nothing to talk about

Life Lessons

Life Lessons - We also have a collection of questions designed to help dig deeper into life situations.  They are geared toward life’s most common and most uncommon events. Some of them are humorous while others are some of the most serious and important topics in life. Some of the life lessons we will explore are


13 questions to ask and answer before you loan anyone money

25 questions you need to know the answer to before traveling internationally

150 Questions you need to ask each other before getting married.

25 Questions you are going to want to have an answer to before you marry someone is divorced

25 Questions to know the answer to before you go into a job interview

13 Questions that will set you apart in a job interview

25 Question you must know the answer to before accepting a new job

75 Questions that will start a conversation with a teenager

30 questions to start a conversation with a child under ten yeas old

60 Questions for a child to ask their parents

12 Questions to ask your teenager before they go to a party

Ten Questions never to ask when buying a car


Humor : 99 Humorous, amusing and thought provoking questions and ponderables.


Knowing the Known Unknowns

Donald Rumsfeld gives a brilliant 30 second summary of three classes of knowledge. In this section the intent is to turn Unknown Unknowns into Known Unknowns.


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