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Writing a Personal History or Family History

A guide to conduction a personal history interview

Knowing where you came from and what your family’s story is an invaluable treasure. If you make a point of recording and writing down you family story it is something that can be cherished for generations. These questions focus on the younger and formative years. These questions also make excellent guide to conduct a interview with a parent, grandparent or anyone else.

25 question about your family to conduct personal history interview

What schools did you attend?
What element school did you go to?
What do you remember about your first day of school?
What was your elementary school building like?
How did you travel to school?
How many were in a classroom?
What was your favorite class
Who was your favorite teacher?
Did you make any new friends at school?

What junior high school did you go to?
What was your junior high school building like?
How far away from your home was the junior high school?
What classes did you enjoy?
Which teacher was the toughest on you?
Were you on any team or participate in any sports?

What high school did you go to?      
What was the mascot?
Did your school have a uniform or dress code?
Did you compete in any sports or activities?
Where you part of student government, the school newspaper or other organizations?
Where you ever part of any pranks?

What collage or trade school did you go to?
What was the mascot?
Did you compete in any sports or activities?
Where you part of student government, the school news paper or other organizations?
Did you ever work at an on campus job?
What was your easiest and hardest subject in school?
Who was your favorite teacher? Favorite subject?
What do you like to learn about?
What vivid memory do you have skipping school?
What College/University did you want to attend but did not?
What class in school has proven to be the lease useful?
What class in school has proven to be the most useful?
Did you every move and have to change schools?

These questions are not designed to be a check list they are designed as a starting point for a conversation. Please ask and answer what ever follow up questions come to mind. Remember that some questions may be awkward to ask or answer but if you do not get that information it may be lost forever.

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